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Employee Initiatives

While HyQuest Consulting Solutions, LLC is a small business, we are nevertheless committed to giving back to our local communities in a big way. We strongly support philanthropy, community involvement, and volunteerism, partnering with organizations that align with the HyQuest brand and resonate with our employees. Much of our corporate giving focuses on making a difference by providing our youth with the necessary supplies and funds to help them achieve academic success.

In 2018, we established HyQuestHOPE as the nucleus of our giving activities. As the company grows, we will expand the level and scope of our philanthropic support and continue to encourage our employees to engage in community and volunteer activities that have personal meaning for them. We are committed to making real contributions to the communities where we live and work.

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For additional information about HyQuest’s commitment to making a difference in our communities, contact Jennifer Landivar at